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“It’s easy to make a buck. It’s a lot tougher to make a difference.

Tom Brokaw


Blue Ribbon Success

One person can make a difference

Bonnie Finney did in 1989, when she learned that her beloved grandson had died of injuries inflicted by his parents. In grief and outrage, she tied a blue ribbon to her antenna as a way to remember “the bruised and battered body of her grandson” and alert the community to the tragedy of child abuse. One simple act by one person created a lasting symbol for thousands who have since dedicated themselves to preventing such tragic and needless deaths.

Together we can do even more

Despite budget shortfalls and public apathy, CASA of Harrison County has managed to provide a Court Appointed Special Advocate for every child in our area who needs one. How? By working together with a community that understands its future is determined by the kind of adult every child in it becomes.

Join us and you’ll understand that the unique gift you give a child is actually a gift to yourself.

“A unique gift.”
Tish Hudson, CASA AdvocateTish Hudson

“CASA has given me a new perspective on the reality that many of our children live everyday. Abused and/or neglected children do not always come from poor or undereducated families. A single child falling through the cracks is one too many. It’s an opportunity to give a unique gift to a child who will make the most of it.”